Help me….?

I’m tired of being the black sheep
Tired of being replaceable
Tired of being a choice
Tired of being the one that no one will look for
I’m just tired
And I could use some help
Help me….?


Its quiet

I’ve come up to my building terrace today
Its quiet
Not really
Not only can I hear the wind
And the airplanes against the clouds
And the train in the distance
And the cars honking away
And the temple bells
But also
I can hear a million sounds in my head
And yet I can’t distinguish the sounds in my head from one another
A million sounds in my head
And it still feels empty
I feel like I’m dying inside
Like there’s nothing left
No passion
No goals
No love
Nothing to look forward to
Like we’re living in a world outside our own
And dying in a world within ourselves